Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Recapping Monday

Yesterday I worked a full day at Mayo. If you haven't guessed it by now, my schedule is basically up in the air every week. Basically both jobs make any requests at the end of the previous week for times they could use me, and I make my schedule accordingly. I do 24 hours at Mayo and 16 hours at RLS (and no fewer than 12). I can also do 8 of those 16 hours from home which I do to give me some quiet writing time.

Last night, all seven kids (4 Ray kids and 3 Wilson kids) went over to the Rays and had pizza and played video games while all the adults (Wilsons, Rays, Kits, Ron & Ebby's Mom Jan and Uncle John, and Ebby's Mom "Bethmom") came over for JB's cooking. He made a great Indian meal with tons leftover to freeze for me to eat when he is on call. It was fantastic as usual. He ended it with some mango shakes. Those who were dangerous enough to try them, really liked them.

Before dinner, Ronnie went browsing through our friend Bara's blog, and we had some good laughs at old times. I tell Ronnie he should check our blogs daily but without internet capabilities, he doesn't really have the chance. Bara, he really cracked up about your writing about the women in Boston. He agreed that you are not designed to live in Florida or California. That would be a disaster.

It is now Tuesday morning. The Wilsons leave tomorrow morning and JB is on call tomorrow night so I am going to go from having a hundred pairs of shoes in the hallway to having none. We'll move from going through 3 gallons of milk in a week, to barely getting through a half gallon. I kind of got used to the noise and the action. It will be a little strange. It has been a wonderful visit and a great time to catch up. The kids have really grown, and I've enjoyed reconnecting with them again.

I will try to catch everyone else up on our lives after everyone is gone and I have sole control of my computer again! :)


Bara said...

you won't believe it! similar thing happened with me today!
i was complaining to the other fellows about the weather ( i ll tell you how i complain about it in a minute) and all of them agreed that I can't live for a sec in Florida or other southern american cities!! Hmmmm, i wonder why?!! just kidding ;-)

i complain about weather as following:
if it's raining, i complain that it's June and it isn't nice to rain in June!
if it's sunny! i complain about the revealing clothes girls wear in such hot weather in Boston!
you never win with me ;-)

i learned new word from your post "cracked up"! i guess it means laughed so hard! right?

flakymn said...

Yes, cracked up means laughed very hard. I "cracked up" when he said that means I starting laughing very hard. Yep.