Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The New World

Well couldn't post this morning. Got up and our internet was down. This happens in our house every few months -- it also affects RLSF occasionally which isn't a good thing. But it is lunchtime now and back up and running.

JB and I watched a great movie last night --The New World. I really enjoyed it and can recommend it for all ages. It was a very quiet but beautiful movie, and quite emotional. Actually it was so quiet and the lines so mumbled that we finally put the captions on so I would quit asking JB to repeat what they say or rewind it. Supposedly it is the story of Pocahantas (sp?) although I am not sure quite how accurate it is.

JB is on call tonight. It will be his last night of call on this rotation and his last night of call for three weeks so that is exciting. He got up with me this morning around 5:45, tried to get a few things done, and then returned to bed for a good nap. We'll now eat lunch together and then he'll head in to the hospital. He will be on until as late as 7:00 tomorrow night and has previously never managed more than 3 hours sleep through the night. Yuck!

In addition, we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 2:15 with our infertility doctor which he plans to get away an hour for. However, he will be attending this appointment having been awake, most likely, for over 24 hours. It's always a little comical communicating with someone who is that sleep-deprived. I'll let you know if he says anything crazy.

I also have another appointment scheduled with my general practitioner for next week. If you have hung around me recently you probably know that I am still battling headaches. They are much better and only reach potential-migraine status maybe once a week, but they are still very frustrating to battle on a daily basis. We are not sure why they have continued although JB still assumes they are probably hormonally related. So I am going to talk to the doctor and see if there is something else we can try to get these under control.

That's it for now. I may try to go in tonight and have dinner with JB and do some laundry. Other than that, it will be a quiet evening.

Heading to RLSF now. I'll post an update about what our doctor said after our appointment tomorrow.

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