Monday, June 26, 2006

My dad is here!

I am so excited! My dad has arrived in Rochester. He got in about 3:30 this afternoon. I am working from home on RLS stuff, JB ran out to the store, but plans to make Thai for dinner, and we are excited to get to spend some time with my Dad. My friend Tara plans to join us tomorrow evening for a Minnesota Twins game, and of course I'll take my dad out for lunch everyday if he wants. I am so blessed to get to spend some time with my Dad. I haven't seen him since Christmas. Only thing better would be if my Mom were here too.

You know my dad doesn't read my blog too faithfully, but I am, a faithful blog writer, and more importantly, a faithful blog READER.

You know, I make a genuine effort to blog everyday. However, I must make a shout out to some of my fellow bloggers who are close enough to me to earn a link on the right side of this page.

Gabbi -- no excuses. It's time for some more pics of the kids on you blog. We are almost in July.

Jason, you said the labor dispute had been settled, so how long do I have to stare at Cullen in his cowboy hat. I mean, he's real cute and all, but come on. Post, okay?

Bara, I can't nag too much. You have at least told us you were taking a blog vacation.

Calvin, I'm not overly impressed, but at least the scenery changes occasionally.

Kristen, the newest blogger, I am very impressed with your skills. I actually see some new pictures when I click. Well done. I am proud of you. Maybe I should move you to the top of the list. Maybe the best bloggers get the top spot. Hmmm ...

Everyone else, pick it up already! Let's get some effort here.


tara said...

I must say, us faithful Wendi-blog-readers/followers also like to read others' blogs (especially when Wendi's near-daily post isn't up yet and we are killing time staring at computer screens). Post up, guys (and, no, that is not a subtle basketball reference). :)
And I can't wait to see my first Twins game in MN!

nick and cassi orme family said...

Wendi, I have a confession to make... I have been secretly reading your blog! I got it off of Kristens blog- (which by the way I agree that she does a fabulous job of posting regularly). I thought I would finally come out and let you know that I am a reader. This is Cassi and my husband Nick is a first year-wait, make that second year now!- and we first met you guys at the picnic like a year ago! Anyways, I thought your bird story was really funny. I even made Nick read it. Ok, that's all, just thought I would come out.

Bara said...

well, i came back from my vacation today!
do you have pictures of your Dad? i d love to see that!

yuan family said...

I am working on it still...I just can't come up with enough things to write about daily! I will try harder though, just for you!

Gabbi said...

Okay, I posted one. Sheesh.

Home Alone Jones said...

Well, since all the other bloggers and blog readers (Tara) are at the baseball game, and I am home alone, I have to sit and wait for the results of tonight's visit to the Twins game to be posted! Come on, Wendi! I'm waiting! :)