Thursday, December 08, 2022

IVF facts

I’m so glad to see this talked about in the media!!

During my journey with infertility, I learned a lot. I learned that women are at the peak of fertility at the age of 25. We owe it to our daughters to share this truth with them. Media superstars keep sharing about pregnancies in their 40’s. These are nearly always with donor eggs (or frozen eggs.) and yet they don’t say this. They just say “Baby at 50!” and our young women don’t understand our bodies aren’t naturally designed to work that way. 

When I was going through IVF in 2003-2006, freezing eggs was not even a viable option. You could only freeze embryos. While possible today, it still has low success rate and is very expensive. 

Putting off babies, if it is something you really want to do, can mean not having biological children. Our young women deserve this information when they are choosing the direction of their lives! (See chart in comments.)

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