Tuesday, December 27, 2022

First dove!

Elijah shot his first "eat your own dinner" animal late this afternoon. He got a shotgun for Christmas and is learning how to shoot dove during "Dove Season." We think it's very important to shoot for food (unless the animal is a predictor/pest) so after shooting the dove, he and John cooked it up and ate it together. 

Watching our Sidge and his love for nature is so much fun for us. Many kids are "into" a sport or instrument. Sidge is not. He's into animals, nature, anything outdoors. He loves his aquarium/s, is constantly working to improve them, and received many books for Christmas on how to prepare wild game (and other things like that.)

It is so interesting to see children become who God made them be simply by WHO he made them to be. We have raised our boys exactly the same in so many ways. However, Isaac is a musician. He's a night-owl (although we fight him on this!) and he is not a great lover of nature/the outdoors. Sidge is a naturalist and an early bird. 

Being a parent is the greatest and hardest thing EVER. I am fully aware that this will be such a fleeting period of my life. It felt like I waited forever to become a Mama. This Blog started because of INFERTILITY and now that first baby is 14 years old and our biological son is 13!


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