Sunday, December 25, 2022

Christmas Lambs

Well, we had baby lambs born this morning -- twins! In sticking with our "bad guy" theme this year, we are naming all the girls superhero villain names. We named these two: Frankenstein and Fenrir Greyback. (I did not choose the theme nor the names.)

When we went out this morning, it was VERY cold but not as cold as it had been. The babies were pretty wet. But we managed to get her moved to the brooder with her little gals so they could dry off and warm up.

As for us? We had a day with just the six of us -- until my nieces joined us midday. Charleigh and Baylee are such sweet girls, and I just LOVE having them around. 

Gramps and Grama spent the day with Elizabeth and her family (staying with them) and John's sister Katie (who lives over the mountain now.) We were supposed to spend the day together tomorrow, but I imagining with our colds here, they won't want to be around us too much.

I'll try to post more pics and such!

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