Sunday, October 23, 2022

My (not so lonely) fishing life

Last night, Sidge and Tijmen decided to go fishing. John told them (having just gotten off nights) that if they caught something, they'd have to clean it ... that he was out of helping due to fatigue. 

So the guys went fishing at our smaller pond (which we call "Superman" due to the shape of the pond.)

And they caught nothing. And while disappointed in their lack of catch, it was okay, since no one was really in the mood to clean fish. 

While the guys are out fishing, Anni texts me. Mr. Lloyd (their neighbor and surrogate "Grampa" was going to take her and Tristan fishing on our farm.) "Sounds good," I told her. "Go to Arrowhead (our bigger pond which, yes, looks like an arrowhead), as the guys are at Superman."

So they did. 

And as the guys came in telling us that they caught nothing, Anni shows up with the following in tow:

No one was really in the mood to process the fish, but since Tijmen is heading back to the Netherlands in two days, he could use the opportunity to work on his mad-fish-cleaning-skills. He "took one for the team" and decides to do the fish. Sidge says he will also try. Only neither of them could really do it without John.

So, my sleep-deprived husband enters the picture again, helping to clean the fish!

Tijmen did do a lot of the work, and John spiced it up and added bacon to it ... yum!!! I'm always amazed at how lonely I feared my life would be here, and how not lonely at all that it is. 

I also got this beautifully quiet video of the guys fishing as well!

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