Friday, October 14, 2022

Homeschooling Freedoms

I love moments like this. So many of these moments will never be captured or posted on my Blog. But they are happening. Every single day. 

Homeschooling is wonderfully, amazingly ... chaotic.

I really believed if I homeschooled I would have more free time. I am not sure where in my lunacy I thought this would be the case. But, as the kids get older, my time becomes even harder to come by. I am the teacher. I have help (thank goodness!) from my cousin-in-law-Hannah, and my husband, and Grama and Grampa and other visitors. But I'm the teacher. And the parent. And it's super hard.

But then I have a moment like this. When the kids are reading their stories (about a conversation they had with a dolphin), and Amber the cat decides it is time for her to get attention, and you can't see my blocking little toddler Theo from messing with my teacher papers.




I have no doubt. I know I will. I know I'll miss this life I'm living now. And there's nothing I can do but keep on living it. And keep on trying to raise my children to love Jesus in a time where hedonism seems at its most rampant. 

I worry that someday we may not have a right to educate our children at home despite the fact that my children are thriving (and their tests scores can prove it to you.)

I pray for FREEDOM for parents to raise their children in the way they see fit. 

I thank the Lord for the opportunity to raise my children in America and especially in East Tennessee. 

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