Monday, February 21, 2022

Puppies and teenagers

Isaac doesn't like pictures. Avoids the camera. And reserves his smiles for when he truly means (or you crack a joke right before you take the picture.) He isn't really a farm kid. Okay, he is NOT a farm kid. He has no desire for it. But he really enjoys the puppies. And he likes earning money. So for those reasons, the farm is a good place for him. He tells me to not expect him to live rural as he grows older. His heart wants the city ... but we will see. I have five more years to talk him into staying with me forever. 

Yesterday before bed, I started looking through some old pictures that popped up on my Facebook timeline. Like this one:

And I started crying. The tears just started running down my face. What an incredible gift I have been given. To think I'd have no children. To now have four. Why can't I appreciate each moment? Why do I get overwhelmed? What an incredible joy to get to be the Mama to these four humans. 

I am humbled ...

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