Thursday, March 26, 2020

What he looks like

JB has a day off yesterday. He’s worked 10 of 12 days (12-hour shifts). We tried to jam in as many things as we could during that day. John moved from one kid to another doing something they’d enjoy. The girls wanted to go for a drive so they rolled down the car windows and just drove around our country town. 

During dinner we ate outside. How nice to finally get good weather. A quarantine with stinky weather ... has stunk. While eating dinner together, the kids started asking question about COVID19. John did a lot of explaining. He also told the kids he would take a picture the next day to show them what he wears to keep him and us safe. 

This is the picture he sent me today. This is my husband. I pray for him continually. Praying he can continue to take care of the people of this community and that things don’t get out of control. 

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TAV said...

We are both stressed about bringing Covid home from work and not having anyone to care for our children but not sure how to make our household work. Prayers for John; stay safe.