Friday, February 26, 2016

2015 in Review

January 2015

My brother comes in for a visit and we have all six grandkiddos together.

I drive back to Bowling Green to attend my first ever Alumni game. Okay, so I didn't wear red. Sorry!

My cousin's wife, Briana, comes to visit us for a week while JB is out of town.

February 2015

We spent a lot of February hunkered down in a snow and ice storm.

March 2015

We take the family to Legoland where we meet up with my parents and brother and family and then spend a few days at Disney with Joni, Bri, Robert, Aunt Danielle and Uncle Matt!

April 2015
My Dad comes to visit us! He meets us at the farm for a few days and then we drive back to our house in central TN.

I do a small sprint triathlon by myself.

May 2015

I compete in a triathlon with a friend from the Azores: Molly!

As we get ready to move to a farm, my good friend Stebbs prepares to move from Alabama to Nebraska which means we won't get to see her nearly as much when we get to the farm. 

And then it happens. We move to our farm!!!

June 2015

Cousins Nate and Grace come to visit the farm for a week.

A youth group from Michigan comes to help us for a week on the farm -- such a blessing!

I bond with the geese.

My brother and his girls come visit for a few days.

Veronica visits on the farm. LOVE that girl!

July 2015

My cousin Ryan and his wife come in for a visit at the farm!

Our little German-born Abigail gets her ears pierced and we go to lunch at a German restaurant for her 4th birthday.

My parents come in for a visit.

August 2015

Our friends John and Becky come for a visit with their amazing little boys!

We begin raising all kinds of wonderful animals on our farm: geese, ducks, guineas, pigs, sheep, and chickens!

The boys begin piano lessons with a wonderful teacher who comes to her house. And ... I start lessons at well. 

We start our first official day of first grade at our house. It is a terrible day and we decide to wait and scrap it until the next day.

Abigail starts ballet -- something she has been asking to do for a long time.

The boys and I head out to Vermont for a visit with Roy and Joan.

September 2015

Hannah turns two!

I get to spend three night with three of my great friends from my time in Turkey: Angelica, Rana, and Stebbins in our Nation's Capital.
Yes. Hannah. E'nuf said.

We start attending a wonderful homeschool co-op. Abigail is NOT impressed.

Joni comes for a visit!

We host our first ever conference at Bauernhof Kitsteiner. It is a great success!

Uncle Matt and Aunt Danielle join us the conference weekend.

October 2015

One of the most wonderful moments of my motherhood! A breakthrough as Abigail finally embraces homeschool co-op!

My sister-in-law drives up to visit us on the farm. The six cousins spend their last time together before #7 joins the family in December.

We drive to the highest peak east of the Mississippi together as a family. The last time we were at this spot was on our honeymoon.

Halloween comes and goes, and we spend the day at a local zoo.

November 2015

Mr. Shane flies over from Germany and spends a week with us on the farm. 

We complete the second chicken processing day on our farm. Exausting but very rewarding!

After four months, our first intern, Dan, heads onto new adventures. So long Mr. Dan!

December 2015

My brother and his wife welcome their 7th grandchild: Riddick William

We take our three olders to see Star Wars in the theatre! A great moment!

Joni comes to visit us!

Sixteen Kitsteiners spend Christmas together -- including all 8 cousins together in one place.

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