Tuesday, September 15, 2020

We Bought a Farm: THIS is what we are striving for

The video above is of Sidge and I bringing food to the chickens today. 

I discuss why small little "things" on the farm turn into bigger things very easily. 

You also get to see the chickens and Sidge. Sidge spends every day with the chickens. He knows exactly how to walk and move to get them to give him space but not to hurt them. If there is a chicken who is injured or sick, Sidge will definitely find it. The chickens are HIS thing. 

This farm, for us, is a LEGACY. It is a FUTURE. While our kids may not choose to stay on the farm, someone's grandchild will hopefully be here. And even if, for some reason, the land itself doesn't exist as it is today, the LESSONS will hopefully carry our children into the future as they raise their own children.

More and more, with each passing day, I realize that I cannot imagine my children not residing within the 96-acres of the Bauernhof. I don't need the news or the media. I just need the little life we've created RIGHT HERE. 

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