Friday, December 07, 2018


I don't plan to spend a lot of time re-reading this post and making it perfect. I'm gonna speak from my heart. I know it shouldn't bother me when someone makes claims against my husband, but it does.

Let me just say this ... 

since I won't go and defend my husband on any local Facebook groups which slam him or his fellow physician professionals because it's a worm hole that won't do any good. (And because JB and I made a commitment in our small town to not get into these debates.)

My husband IS the finest man I know. He loves his family, his God, his country, fiercely. He works at an EMERGENCY ROOM. He went to school for a total of TWENTY-SEVEN years to earn his medical degree.

He does not bill ANYONE for the services he renders. He gets paid, hourly, to do his job. He does not work for the hospital and receives NO kick-backs for any services he does or doesn't render.

He treats every single patient as he would treat his own child or mother. We speak often of the fact that while this is "just another patient" for him, for this person coming in, it is the event of their year or their life.

(Of course many people don't use the ER properly but that's a whole different story.)

The cost of healthcare is astronomical. I do not argue that for a moment. And please don't use my post as a launch into why that is. That isn't the point of my post.
When I had to go to the Emergency Room after flipping our four-wheeler with Hannah, our costs at the ER my husband works at were $7,000! And that was with many discounts. 

The point of this post is to stand up for my husband and not let ANYONE on any Facebook page claim that he billed them personally and should be ashamed of himself.

All he does is do his job and treat them like he would treat his own child. If your child gets skin glue, my child at home would have (and trust me -- he's stitched up people here at our house a total of 12 times and growing. Sometimes he uses glue and sometimes he uses stitches.) He treats every child (and especially female faces) as if it's the face of his young daughter that he doesn't want to see scarred. If your child got stitches, he would have done the same to his own child. If any small INKLING of him thinks something bigger is wrong, he would act upon it.

We pray every night that he has a sharp mind. He is there for 12 hours in the middle of the night and his mind CANNOT MISS ANYTHING OR SOMEONE COULD DIE. He takes that responsibility incredibly seriously. And so do I. We pray for him while he is gone each night. That He would have the mind of Christ and that Jesus would be present as he saves people's lives. Or takes a bug out of their ear. Or sends them home because nothing is wrong. Or threatens to kill him. Or tells him that they are a savior. 

You get the idea.

Trust me. My husband is not governed for one second on what Pharma tells him or what ANYONE tells him. He loves his farm too much to spend time doing things he doesn't believe in. He believes in what he does.

I imagine I could get 100 people to leave a comment below sharing a story about he helped them medically -- from a small thing to a large thing.

I'm sorry. John has asked me not to respond to the small minority of local people who slam him. It happens so infrequently. Usually I just hear great things about how he helped someone. 
So I won't respond on the Facebook page. I'll write my own post on my PERSONAL page talking about the COUNTLESS times someone in the community approaches me telling me that my husband saved their life or the life of someone they love. Or just made their visit to the hospital outstanding. 

My husband has placed himself in a PUBLIC PLACE to help SAVE THE LIVES of people in this amazing community. We love Greeneville, and we plan to live here forever. He is not passing through. We want this to be the only town he ever works in. He chooses to put his face in a public place so you have somewhere to go at two in the morning when your child falls down the stairs. Or when someone is stabbed or flips their four-wheeler. 

There you go.

I'm done.

I love you JB. You and I both grew up never knowing a doctor other than the ones we saw. We were poor kids and didn't just get handed the life you've worked so hard for. 

Thank you for listening to the call of God on your life and deciding that even though we weren't "doctor people", the world needed "doctor people" like you. 
I'm so proud of you,


Anonymous said...

God Bless you Wendi, for speaking up, and God Bless u too John, for your hard work at the ER! Good post Wen, it’s never wrong to defend ones hubby and you wrote it well, as you always do! ❤️👍 n

Anonymous said...

I just want to know how much Pfizer paid you for this post...
JKJKJKJKJK!!! He's a good dude, your hubby!
When I get criticized at work/etc, I just remember the sage word of TSwift: "Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate...."


AW said...


Y'all are unlike any other family I know. I am grateful for ALL you do and sacrifice for in this world. I have no doubt that if we lived near you, I'd feel completely safe coming to your dearest for medical care. (It makes me sad that we aren't neighbors!) You help keep ME grounded on what's important and beautiful and holy. Thank you for that! Loving you both from afar...


TAV said...

It’s hard not to take patients’ complaints personally but I have learned to do so. Some people are malignant and have mental health issues. JB is a great doctor!

Lisa Cronk said...

I would gladly place my family's care in his hands any day!
It is really tough not to take criticism personally, but it is especially frustrating because we can't defend ourselves due to patient privacy, so people can say whatever they want about us and we can't really stand up for ourselves. SO very frustrating!
- Lisa

Angela said...

GREAT post. At the end of the day he is your husband and you are team John all the way, just as it should be! I know he's an incredible doctor and these days I feel like people do more complaining because it's so easy to do on the internet. God-bless John and all of his hard work and he is doing God's will taking care of others. He is a good man and doctor! Thank you John for continuing to care for others!!

Rachel said...

I'm sorry for whatever has happened that made you feel the need to vent. An amazing person in the ER can make such a difference (personal experience for my son this week)! I hope for you both that good feedback outweighs the bad and that God provides unexpected encouragement for each of you this week.