Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas "morning" with Grama Joni

Joni finally got her for her annual Christmas time at the farm! Her husband had gotten pretty sick on her first scheduled visit so she was forced to delay her trip. But she finally got here. It's a short visit, but we are so excited to have her to ourselves for a few days. Last night (Friday) we opened all our gifts. Here are some photos of our time together: 

Joni passed down this Delft Dutch vase that had been her parents to me. What a prized possession.

I love Isaac's expression in this photo. 

Abigail loves these birds. They make the sound of the bird they are. She is Daddy's top birding partner.
Isaac LOVES matchbox cars. He and his brother and cousin do "tournaments" all the time to see which car is the best racer.

Not even a black eye can stop me and my love of chocolate.

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TAV said...

That's such a great shirt for JB!!