Sunday, July 01, 2018

Under the weather

It doesn't happen often that I turn and realize two days have gone by and I haven't blogged. But sickness always does it for me. Something's been moving through here through these parts. Thank goodness we all didn't get it. And thank goodness it didn't last long. But even when it is fleeting and fast, if the Mama gets it, things can shut down a bit.

I've been struggling with migraines. In fact, while out of town recently, I passed out in the middle of an intense migraine and woke up having thrown up all over the place. Not a pretty picture, I know, but the truth. I was very scared, but John opted to not have me go to the ER since most likely the passing out was due to having just stood up.

That happened again this past Friday. It was the same horrendous feeling, but I knew better and got to my bed. I didn't throw up or pass out but did knock out. It did also mean I had to miss out on The Incredibles with my entire family -- bummer! (They all LOVED LOVED LOVED it!) But I did get some much needed rest.

When JB got home with the kids, Isaac wasn't feeling well. We already knew the Kotynski family was facing illness and this seemed to be the same thing. Since we had spent the entire processing day together, it seemed pretty likely to be related. Shortly thereafter, Sidge went down. And then came me. Only with me, I kept thinking it was migraine-related ... but it felt sooooo much worse. I couldn't do ANYTHING on the farm. One run to the pigs and I was LAID OUT. Goes to show you our body is yelling at us SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP AND LET US GET BETTER if we would just listen.

Now my brother and his wife and kiddos are in town, and I am sick. They are staying at another place across town -- a friend's home -- since we are so limited in hosting big groups right now due to our still going on renovation. They actually took all the kids today so I could just sleep. I'm going to head over there this evening for dinner and to pick up the kids with Anni and Tijmen in tow.

Feeling better. Mending. Trying to move slow.

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