Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Princess Ballet Camp

While we were in Maine enjoying our anniversary week, Hannah participated in the Princess Ballet Camp at Central Ballet. She's a funny kid that Hannah. She doesn't want to take ballet during the year, but she loves the princess camp where she gets all kinds of fun toys and treats. :) 

Even more exciting, however, was that Abigail was able to serve as a "helper" for the camp. She was so excited about this and it was so good for her. This is a big move for Abigail, and I'm so proud of her.

You can see Hannah with her hands above her head in black, and Abigail in blue touching her nose to her toes.

Another shot of the two girls.

Hannah walking with Ky-le. 

Hannah and a new friend. (A huge thank you to Veronica who did the girls hair each day!)

Abigail preparing to help

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