Monday, July 09, 2018

Monhegan Island

This morning we left Bar Harbor and drove over to the Monhegan Island. Actually we drove to the port and parked our car and got in a ferry to come to the island since vehicles aren't permitted here. 

What an amazing place. We are staying at s beautiful hotel overlooking the water, and I finally got my lobster dinner! (Lobster isn't for sure here! They sell out fast!)

Now here's the really cool part. I had messaged Joni because I realized the Island was only about four hours from them. Roy and Joni came over and joined us on the island. 

They were worried they were crashing our honeymoon party, but I assured them that if they didn't have kids and let me take naps they wouldn't squash my dreams at all. In addition, Roy is getting very interested in birds thanks to JBs attempts so they can bird together. 

We are here two nights! It is a perfect place. JB booked a perfect vacation for us! What a great time we are having!!!

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