Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Tomorrow we go home

Got a facial today on the last day of our anniversary trip. 

As I laid down I said, "I am a homeschooling mama and farmer. I'll think every product is fantastic but I just won't take the time to use it. I'm just gonna lay here and relax." 

She laughed and agreed. She did suggest one product: a moisturizing sunscreen for my face. She told me even I could make time for that. 

I thought that sounded very doable. 

Then I went to buy it.

I told myself if it was under $30 I would splurge. 

As much as this vacation has been a splurge, this Dutch gal still can't spend $78 on a small container of anything!!

1 comment:

TAV said...

I am so with you-- I would splurge on the experience and trip but not the *thing*. Love the picture of you in the hammock. Did you read any great books?