Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Chicken Day

My cousin Hannah captured some pictures of our chicken processing day on June 26th. These days are such a compilation of love and hate. I love how hard we have worked for eight weeks to get hundreds of pounds of meat. But I hate killing chickens. I love that we are raising meat right and killing it humanely. And yet it is still hard to see death. I love what we end up with at the end of the day but mannnnn is it is an exhausting day.

We were so blessed to have such wonderful people help us. The Kotynski family came. Our former wwoofers Nico and Jacob came and Jacob brought a friend to learn: Josh. In addition, our current wwoofer/family member: Tijmen was here. And of course, Grampa and Grama are always here. The older kids are also helping a ton now. Gabe, Isaac, Sidge, and Anna helped the ENTIRE day and Abigail and Kari put in a good bit too!

I am including pictures without captions so you can experience a day sort of like we would.

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