Thursday, June 28, 2018

Moments (from the last week) nestled into my heart

My four amazing children. Sidge my brain-guy, Abigail our athlete, Isaac the piano player, and Hannah ... the Hannah.

We had a visit from a WONDERFUL friend here on the farm that was treasured beyond belief. We also said good bye to the last of our seven puppies (pictured in Sidge's arms.)

Tijmen is back with us here on the farm! And Ritter is loving all the belly scratches.

Hannah taking selfies with my phone when I was unaware.

Our neighbors: Robbie and Faye were out working in their garden, and I stopped for a quick chat. Aren't they the cutest ladies ever?!

We processed chickens and a bunch of former farm volunteers came back to help. From left: Jacob, Tijmen, Nico, and John. One of Jacob's friends Josh also came to learn. The Kotynski's were there to help, and while I didn't get a picture of her, Anni was also with us!

John continues to love his birding and get everyone he knows to love it with him! I love how passionate he is about nature and teaching it to our kids. 

Our friend Cali lost her grandfather this week, but she has her little "Abigail" to warm her hurt during these hard times.

Our friends Allie and Hailey came over to play for the day.

I attended the funeral of John. I was so amazed when Abigail, on her own, chose to sit by Cali during the service. (Sorry for Cali blowing a bubble!)

Mr. Tijmen helping Hannah rollerblade!

As I have mentioned, my cousin, Eddie and his family were moving to the area. Well, they are here! Here I am enjoying some ice cream with my Aunt Janet (Eddie's mom.) 

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