Sunday, June 17, 2018

We Bought a Farm: The Heat and the Chicken Tractors

Farming is NOT a full-time job for us. We do NOT rely on it for our income. It is quite secondary to JB's job at the hospital. Our goal is to raise meat the way we believe it is supposed to be raised and to sell some simply to off-set our costs of organic farming. 

But mannnnn .... the more I do this, the more my heart goes out to farmers. And not just farmers but our early Americans trying to make it work on land. I learn so much every single day. Losing animals is so disheartening. And you are completely "at the mercy" of the weather. Unseasonably warm or unseasonably cold can absolutely devastate you. And what do you do if those animals are your income? Or not even your income but the food your family is depending on to get them through the winter?

Man oh man is this farming thing a challenge. I am learning so much. I am feeling so much. Here is a video I took today of our chicken tractors and the unseasonably warm June we are facing: 

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