Sunday, June 03, 2018

A few decades of crazy

Life has been a bit hectic. (Surprise, surprise!)

Between puppies and visitors and renovations and normal farm life, I've been a bit swamped.

The other day I was at a nursing home and asked my friend Kristin why some of the elderly women were holding baby dolls. She explained to me a new program for dementia sufferers. These elderly women were given baby dolls to help ease their stress and agitation.

Now don't get me a wrong. I think this is a fantastic program. But this post really isn't about the program as much as it is about the prospective it brought me. While happy to see these women settled, it also brought me a few moments of introspection.

My life right now is so busy and so crazy and so harried. I know I am not alone. I've been using the new phrase: "We all have our own crazy." While my crazy might be a little more or less than your's, if you a working or stay-at-home woman, you are probably feeling a bit exhausted and overwhelmed.

But these elderly women holding these dolls ... they used to be me. And that really hit me upside the head as I sat watching Abigail dance for the residents.

Most likely these women holding baby dolls raised children and had a husband and were racing kids around from activity to activity. They were collapsing on their beds at the end of the day and planning family vacations and trying to balance the demands of motherhood with all the other things on their plate.

And now they are in a nursing home. And their crazy is over.

It was over that fast. It passed. And I felt sad. I only have a few decades of crazy left before my life comes to an end.

Oh I know this life is but a vapor and that Jesus is the end goal and that I won't be here forever. I know all that.

But I love raising my children. I love seeing them grow. I know how fast it is going to go. I'm 41 now. I'm halfway through my life. And I want to enjoy 


of this crazy.

Enjoy it with me, will you?

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