Tuesday, June 05, 2018

A Visit from our Bri (and her crew)

We got to spend a delightful afternoon with Isaac's birth mom, Bri, her husband Robert and Robert's brother and his wife. It was so fun to show them the farm and for Isaac to get to show Robert and Bri some of the things he's current interested in! Like Legos!!

Sidge giving a concert. He usually doesn't want to play for people but joined his big brother today. Notice Robert in the front of the picture. He and Bri are HUGE dog people!

Isaac playing for Bri. He was so excited to play for her, and she is so proud of him. She has a lot to be proud of. What an awesome boy he is Bri!

Robert and Bri came bearing pizza. So after we ate, we did a renovation tour and some piano, it was time for a farm tour. Here they are meeting the sheep.

Robert is one of those extreme racers -- he does the Spartan races and such. But catching a chicken still gave him a run for his money.

Martin (Robert's older brother with his wife Alyssa and the chicken they caught. :)

And back to the house. I really like this picture of the two of them.


Love these two people with my whole heart.

The girl who made me a mother.

So awesome to have this afternoon together.

Isaac showing Bri some of his rollercoaster stuff on the iPAD. 

Robert is an AWESOME kid guy. He and Sidge had a blast on the swings. 

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