Saturday, April 28, 2012

I love to smile!

Eiljah said the other day, "Are there turkeys in Turkey?" Then he laughed as if he were the first person ever who made that joke.
Me: "Isaac, that was so nice to give Abigail an Easter egg."
Isaac: "Yes, but I made sure it didn't havea an M&M in it."
Me: "Right, because M&M's can hurt her, right?"
Isaac: "Yes."
Me: "What could happen if she ate an M&M?"
Elijah: "She could die."
Me: "Well, she could choke."
Isaac: "And then she'd have to go to the hospital?"
Me: "Yes."
Elijah: "And then she could die?"
Me: "Could we please stop talking about dying so much?"
Me: "Elijah did you just throw that toy at me?"
Elijah: "No. I tossed it."
Me: "Did you have fun last night with your babysitter?"
Elijah: "Eh ... not so much."
John went to tell the boys to quiet down while he was holding a knife from cooking. "You guys need to be quiet," John said. Elijah said, "Or you'll cuts us up?"
Me: "Elijah, please do not stand on that rocket ship."
Eljjah: "I just have my foot on it."
My friend Stebbs was teaching the boys' Sunday School class. She asked them what the best gift was they had ever received. Her son William mentioned a Thomas toy (no surprise.) Isaac mentioned his cars (again, no surprise.) "But Elijah made everyone look bad," Stebbs said. "He said 'My Mommy'."
Isaac: "Look, that's an island like where Patty is from. Patty-rico." (Instead of Peurto Rico.)
Elijah has been very into saying, "Have you ever done that before?" This morning I asked him what he wanted for breakfast. "Do you want pancakes or waffles?" He got this enlightened look on his face and said, "How 'bout pancakes annnnnddddd waffles. Haev you ever done that before?"
John asked the boys what they wanted to be when they grew up. Elijah said, "I dunno." But Isaac said, "I just want to be a daddy."
Other recent sweet/funny statements:
  • "Does Jesus have a birthday and God does not?" (Isaac)
  • "When is Scrubby going to talk like Abigail is going to talk?" (Isaac)
  • "I love to smile at you." (Elijah to Mommy)
  • "Are we gonna take our whole house with us to the Azores?" (Isaac)
  • "Are we gonna take our doors with us to the Azores?" (Isaac)
  • "I'm gonna take those toys from you, Elijah, and borrow them from you for 51 weeks." (Isaac)
  • "Are those airplanes sleeping?" (Isaac when seeing the airplanes parked on the flight line.)
  • "My lips are chap-alated." (Elijah)
  • "Do zebras have black stripes and white stripes?" (Isaac)
  • "Do we have to wash our feet in the sink if we step in Scrubby's poopy?" (Isaac with me left wondering when we have ever washed our feet in the sink.)
  • "If we pull that fire alarm, will the smoke come out?" (Isaac)
  • "If we pull that fire alarm, will the fire start?" (Isaac)
  • "What happens if we pull that fire alarm?" (Isaac)
  • "If I touch this will it give me a big boo boo?" (Isaac about every outlet he sees.)
  • "Oh, I just dropped my beautiful marble!" (Isaac)
  • "Could Abigail choke on this marble?" (Isaac)
  • "Can we drink clean water when we go in the bath?" (Isaac)
  • "Mommy, are you a dinosaur?" (Elijah)
  • "Mommy when is Abigail going to talk and when is the ice cream truck going to come?" (Isaac)

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