Sunday, April 01, 2012

How do you explain ...

... God taking care of you in relation to bad things happening in the world?

The boys have these "treasure rocks" that they adore. JB bought them in Utah. Since we are really into pirates right now, these things rate high in their list of loves. But they don't match well with Abigail's propensity for putting everything into her mouth. We therefore have a rule that the treasure rocks must stay in their clubhouse -- a play area under our stairs that Abigail has yet to discover.

Couple that with the fact that we have been reading in our bedtime Bible about Jesus dying and being risen from the dead, and you have a great story that really makes you think. No one teaches you how to handle these things as a parent.

While eating dinner with the boys while JB is upstairs resting and Abigail is crawling on the floor, I hear the sound of a treasure rock bouncing. I look. Abigail has picked one up and dropped it. Eeeeek! I race over, pick it up, check the surrounding area for additional hazards, and return to dinner with the boys.

Wendi: "You guys MUST remember that the treasure rocks have to stay in your clubhouse."
Isaac: "Mommy, may I please ask why?" (This is his new favorite thing to say.)
Wendi: "She could choke."
Isaac: "And have to go to the hop-sital?"
Wendi: "Exactly."
Isaac: "Could she die?"
Wendi: "She could die. Yes."
Elijah: "But God would take care of her."
Wendi: "Yes he would. But she could still get very hurt."
Elijah: "And die?'
Wendi: "She could. That's why we have to keep them in the clubhouse."
Elijah: "But God could bring her back to life."
Wendi: "That's true. But we should still keep the treasure rocks under the stairs."

Here are some conversations I captured on video during this evening of dinner. Some are long, but you'll get a real taste for how conversations in our house work.

Boys debate God vs. Jesus
The boys discussing choking and death
Isaac discusses fire safety
A conversation with Isaac: fire & electricity

Oh and another funny. While trying to get William's noise maker turned on the other evening, Elijah came up behind me and threw a ball at me. I turned around, quite frustrated, as I often am when someone does something annoying while I am in deep thought. I said to Elijah, "You just threw a ball at me. Why did you do that? That hurt Mommy."

And he said, "Well you shoulda caught the ball Mommy."


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