Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Tale of the Salad Spinner

Here I weave a tale of a salad spinner.

Actually the tale to weave is one of Wendi needing some maternity shirts. Elijah was born in the winter. This young lass will be birthed in the summer.

Need short-sleeved shirts.

Found some on Target online in my price range (aka CHEAP!)

Emailed JB at work. Told him that I was going to (asked him if could ) make a purchase online. He said that was great but to please add one item to the check-out.

A salad spinner.

Okay. No problem. We had one. It broke. Can't find another one at the BX. So we add one to the order. (I won't go into a lengthy detail about how I think a salad spinner is a kitchen item that takes up much more room than its worth. That's a story for another time.)

As the order is placed online, the people tell me that my items are on the way. The first half will be here AT THE END OF MARCH! The second half will be here AT THE END OF APRIL!

Egads! That's, like, forever ... especially when you are only pregnant for ten months.

But what else can I do? There are like 10 maternity items here at the BX and they are not anything I would wear, like, ever. So, await my order I must.

You can imagine then my excitement today when I received an email from Target saying that they could in fact ship one of my items TODAY. So excited! Which item will it be?

You can see where this is going I am sure. That one item would be ...

The salad spinner.

And thus ends my rather sad tale.


cbrueggie said...

AUUUGGGHHHH! gosh, i wish i had maternity shirts i could send you. do you think it would be faster if we ran to target, bought them and mailed them?

the word of the day is tsivvers

Joia said...


AW said...

Ha! Isn't that how it always works out.

I found an extra large OXO salad spinner at Goodwill about two months ago for 79 cents. THE BEST INVESTMENT EVER! So proud of that find. Yes, it takes up a lot of space, but if you want good clean lettuce, it's the only way to go. (I just leave the lettuce in the bowl in the need to dirty up another storage bowl.)