Monday, February 28, 2011

potty training x 2 / 1 = exhaustion

Potty training with a partner (aka JB) this weekend was tiring enough.

But doing it by myself today x 2 minus my partner.


I ... am ... exhausted.

The boys did great! Each had one accident when I put pants on them so they could go outside. Elijah also a #2 accident which was less than appealing and made me feel even less excited about the possibility of doing cloth diapers with baby #3.

Isaac is getting the training nearly perfectly (although no #2 for him yet). Elijah dribbles in his underwear every time he realizes they are wet, and then goes running. Doesn't leak out but does require a new pair of CARS underwear every time.

JB is home for lunch and we are going to diaper and nap them pronto! Whew ... that was a long morning. The boys were great but I felt like I was running back and forth between them without ceasing. Maybe I should rethink and do this once at a time?


Anonymous said...

We usually just do LOTS of juice then bring the little potties into whichever room we are in. Saves a lot of running :)

Susan said...

You need to wear a pedometer to see how many miles you are walking every day! Keep up the good work - they will both be trained before you know it!

Brittny said...

POWER THROUGH!!!!!!!!!! Trust me, it may seem like too much right now, but I went through almost that much work with one kid. I say just knock it out now and get it over with. Isaac picks up on things very quickly so I think you won't be training two boys for much longer.

But I hate potty training and don't hide my feelings on it. On the other hand, you don't have to run or bike or exercise, so you are really killing three birds at one time instead of two!

Anonymous said...

Train them both at the same time. You will be glad you did. It's a lot of work, but just imagine running a ton with one and then once he master's it starting with the other. The great thing about twins is that they feed off each other. The biggest motivation for my two was for one to see the other get a reward for staying dry. I'll never forget the look on M's face when his brother got a ring pop sucker for staying clean and dry all day. That's all the motivation M needed. From that day forward he never had another accident (#1 or #2).

Keep up the good work.


Dana said...

I always remember potty training as the absolute hardest thing I ever had to teach my 4 kids. In truth though, it never took more than 2 weeks and for one child (my 3rd who sounds a lot your Issac) it literally took 2 days. We told him it was time to be potty trained he said o.k. (he was 2 and we had another baby on the way in 3 months). He had a couple of accidents and that was that, DONE!
We waited until each kids seemed ready before we started and they were: 3.5 yr. for oldest, 2years 11months for 2nd, 2 yrs. exactly for 3rd, and 3yrs for our youngest. Keeping in mind I mean DAYTIME training only, for 3 of them it took another year to 18 months after they were day trained to not have accidents at night anymore. For 1, he never had nighttime accidents after he was trained...but then he never went much at night even as a young baby.

I agree with Brittny POWER THROUGH! It seems like forever but when it's done what a relief it will be!

Faith said...

You are making me SO nervous for when my little ones are that age! Lol! Right now, I need to get through the sleepless nights and continuous poopy step at a time:)