Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quick hello

A quick hello from New York since I am paying by the minute to use the Internet and Isaac, who is sitting on my lap, is adding random letters at will.

We arrived yesterday right on time and were so blessed by the Lord during all of our travels. Neither one of our flights were full so JB got an entire row for him and Isaac and I got an entire row for me and Elijah. Got to take their car seats on and everything! It was glorious.

Then, to make things even better, we had complete success in putting the boys to bed last night. We put Isaac down in his crib, put on our little noisemaker from Target (thanks Jaime!) and then headed into the bathroom with Elijah. JB fed Elijah while Isaac fell asleep. We then laid Elijah down and he fell asleep peacefully with no crying. Both boys slept through the night with no crying as well! When Elijah started fussing at 5:30, I scooped him up before he could wake Isaac, fed him, and got him to fall back asleep on my chest so big brother could keep sleeping! It was PERFECT!!!

Last night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We've never been to an Indian wedding before. It is going to be such a good time. Their culture is so amazing. The colors and people and food are just awesome. I look forward to sharing pictures (yes, I am taking some) with you all when we get back.

Much more to come . . .

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Joia said...

Wow! SOOOOO glad to hear about such great travel/sleeping arrangements! That is awesome! =) Can't wait to see pics of that wedding!