Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lil' Dalmatian

Joia gave us this cute little Dalmatian outfit right after Moriah was born. In fact, the present included a note from Moriah to Elijah to "Come on out! The world is great." Little Elijah wasn't so interested in coming out though, as we all know.

Now that he is out and finally big enough, we put him in the outfit and got some pictures today. I have to attribute the success to Joanie who is always up for a challenge. Dog and baby and costume all in one photo! Whew! I'm tired even thinking about it.

Thanks for the cute outfit Joia!

This picture cracks me up! As my Mother-in-law said when she saw this picture, "My Scrubby, what a big tongue you have!" I think Elijah does NOT think this is a good idea.
Not sure where the fuzzy part of these pictures came from. Either the window or Elijah moving his feet really fast. But I love his little smile here.

Mom hanging out in the background.

Cute ears!

Take a look at that tongue!


Anonymous said...

In the third picture it looks like Scrubby is smiling. Cute pictures.

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

That Joia is so thoughtful!