Saturday, May 02, 2009

The moment of upsetness

On Thursday, I had "the" moment.

It was the moment that I knew was coming. I had watched my friends, family, and acquaintances have these moments. But I hadn't really had one myself yet.

It was the moment when I knew that my job as a Mom required me to do something that I had no desire or wish to participate in.

It involved Isaac, an upset stomach, and his car seat.

I heard it as we rounded the corner to our house. I knew Isaac had thrown up. I also knew that he was sitting in his car seat.

I just didn't know how many places the upsettings could wander their way into.


Every nook and cranny on the car seat was met by the upsetness. Isaac was covered, the car seat was covered, the seat of the van was covered. Toys were covered.

I looked at the clock.


JB wouldn't be home for at least five more hours. Was that too long to wait to clean up this mess? Yes. I knew it was. I'd have to do it. I had no choice.

One thing that is definitely true. When you love the kid, it is easier. I remember babysitting for Bri when she was little and the upsetness occurred. I cleaned it up fairly easily because I loved that little girl so much. But give me another child that I didn't have as close a relationship with and I'd find myself gagging the whole way through.

I didn't gag one time as I cleaned up my car. But if you were able to be a fly on the wall in my carport you would have heard many words being muttered from myself to myself. Words like, "Ohhh", "Gross", "Disgusting", "Ugggghhh" . . . things like that.

Somehow I managed to time everything just right. I sat Elijah, still in own car seat, on the kitchen table. I ran the bath. I carried Isaac with arms outstretched through the house to his bathtub. Gave him bath. Put him right down for a nap. Let Scrubs out where he could watch me cleaning the car so he didn't cry or bark and wake either baby. Stripped the entire car seat cover. Washed the entire car seat cover. Left van windows open to air everything out. Accidentally stepped in the upsetness on the floor of the carport.

I was proud of myself for surviving the moment. The moment where I could hear my own brain say to me, "You knew this would happen when you decided you wanted to be a Mom." Yes, I knew it would happen. It doesn't mean I wanted it to happen or I was excited it happened. But I also would gladly take it in exchange for getting to be Isaac's Mom.

Unfortunately, Isaac had another moment of upsetness at midnight and apparently, so did his buddy Keenan who we were hanging out with earlier that day. Both boys got sick from somewhere. Not sure if this was related to what Isaac already had or if it was something new, but either way, I felt horrible that Keenan was also sick. Joia is sick too but with something different. I felt so bad for Joia trying to take care of Keenan while she was sick as well.

Today is Isaac's birthday party. I've let the other parents know that our boy just isn't himself. We hope they will all still come, but if they are worried about their kid getting sick, than at least they know and can choose to skip the party. We'll have a great time either way! And of course, I'll be sure to post pictures later so you all can participate from wherever you are.


Gramma Di said...

Wen, I loved you and Keith but I have to admit I still gagged! Good job tho! I hope the party goes well.

Joy Z said...

Good job mama!

Praying he gets to feeling better and you guys have a great time at his birthday party!

Anonymous said...

Another official Indoctrination into motherhood.

Happy 1st Birthday Isaac!

Aunt Linda & Andrew too! ;)

Rabens Family said...

Getting sick in the car seat is the WORST! Both girls have done that. Although the last time Madison got sick like that it happened on Clay's pillow. He wasn't very happy about that.

We are going to risk it and come to the party. We just can't stay away from that little cutie. Maybe we should all wear masks instead of party hats. Haha!

Paul and Candice said...

You poor thing! So far, I've only had that happen to a little girl I babysat in college. Like you, I loved that little girl so much that it didn't seem to matter. Paul David has only had one bout of upsetness, and it was all on his sheets and Lovey. I was able to scoop it all up together and put it all in the wash.

You are the woman...I could probably get the car seat cover off, but getting it back on, that would be a different story!

Can't wait to see the pictures from the party!

Joia said...

Having it be in the carseat definitely adds to the complexity of cleaning it up! As gross as it is - I think there's some sort of adrenaline rush I get to help me get through, that's like "Here I am, cleaning up my kid's puke, putting him in clean pj's, putting fresh, clean sheets on his bed, and tucking him back in... I'm a great mom!" =)

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

GREAT JOB!!!!! Hope he feels MUCH better soon. I have never had a problem with this kinda thing but I sure don't miss that part of them being little. Now they know how to get some where QUICK...even in the car!

Amazing how love can drive us to serve others in a way we never thought capable! :)

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Candice, confession: JB put the seat back together. Ha

Joia, confession: I kinda, atually, sorta see what you are saying! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think that all carseats should have some kind of plastic cover between the cover and the actual hard plastic seat. It could be replacable for times such as these.

Anonymous said...

You haven't lived until it happens on a plane and oh, they're in your lap, and you just convince yourself that it really doesn't smell that bad for the remaining however long of a flight.

Jess said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!! Feel better soon!!

The Mac's House said...

yep I agree 13 hour flight, kid throws up on your one piece jumpsuit with no extra clothing and you can't strip down...... that's so much fun, I bet for the other passengers too. :)

Glad to see that he's feeling better.