Sunday, May 17, 2009

Friends & food

Last night we had Jeff, Bobbie, and their four kids over for a delicious Indian dinner courtesy of JB. Their moving truck is coming on Tuesday so we were blessed to be able to find a night that worked for both of us before they head out. I've decided that after this post, I really can't talk anymore about this wonderful family on my blog. It's just a bit too emotional for me.

I am so very happy for the new opportunities that await them in Seattle. They are going to get to be there for three years -- one of the longest stays they have had anywhere! But their departure is bitter-sweet. I will miss my daily therapy sessions at the bay, where while the dogs play, Bobbie and I talk about life and caring for two babies. Her daughters were born one year apart so she has been able to offer me tons of advice and encouragement for parenting my two little boys. I'll also miss her girls calling and stopping over to play with a baby or take Scrubs for a walk. Isaac has been very clingy lately but he is always eager to jump into the arms of Paige and Brooke. I'll miss Matthew and Robert thinking that Scrubs can play gently like their docile lab Deuce. Scrubs quickly reminds him that he only shows love with great gusto! I'll miss watching all four of their kids love on my boys. What a beautiful gift it is to have people love your children as you do.

God has an amazing way of bringing people into our lives at just the moment we need them. It's hard living so far away from family but the relationships we make outside of those families are what allow us to get through this life. A huge thank you to this family for taking me under their wing during an exceptionally hectic and overwhelming and wonderful time in my life.

Anyways, enough sap . . . here's a few snaps from the evening we shared last night.

Jeff with the boys (in the twin outfits Bobbie gave them from Seattle)
Matthew and Isaac feeding Scrubs his dinner

Brookie with Elijah

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Anonymous said...

Isaac almost looks sad too, in the picture with Jeff and Elijah. I'm thinking of all of you-know this is a tough one.
love ya,
mom k