Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random, non-bed talk

So yesterday's post generated some great discussion! Who knew we were all so opinionated about a topic as simple as beds. If you haven't had a chance to read and share your own personal feelings, please scroll down to the post below this one and give it a whirl! Since that post is so text-dense, I'll go with mostly photos for today's blog. I can't be a chatterbox every single day or I'd bore everyone to death.

My Mom's friend Marty gave Isaac this shirt. It finally fits. Thanks Marty! (Not sure what JB is doing -- probably hoping Isaac doesn't grab his lip or nose!)

JB captured a few photos from his race last week which were taken by the photography crew on hand. This is proof that JB did actually run the race and didn't just drive down to Seaside for a fun, relaxing afternoon. :) Did I tell everyone how proud I am of JB for running 13.1 miles!? You go John!

I actually brought my camera to the park today when we met with the gals for lunch but just didn't have the opportunity to take it out. What would I do without Joia!? She always comes through with a snapshot or two.

It was a beautiful summer day today! I was actually worried Isaac was going to get burned. I didn't come prepared for that -- didn't bring a hat or sunscreen or anything. I have realized that going to the park with both boys without someone to help me would be a little difficult unless Elijah decides to take a nap -- which he didn't want to do today. I really am reliant on the extra set of hands.

I really like this picture of my Mom with Elijah. When I hold Elijah, he just wants to eat, even if he just did, so snuggling isn't something we get to do much unless there is food involved. But he calms down and falls asleep on my Mom nearly every time without fail. He is still quite a skinny guy -- all arms and legs!
Here is a link to Joia's post on our lunch today: Wifia lunch.

I also wanted to put a link up to a March of Dimes fundraising site. A friend of ours from Mayo is raising money for the March of Dimes and premature infants after the loss of their daughter, Marie, last year. Would you consider supporting Cassie & Nick as they raise money?


rachel said...

all arms and legs?! you don't say!!? :-) Wonder where he gets that from! He is SO cute (as is Isaac) and I do also love that pic of your mom with him. Looks like she is having the time of her life!

cassi said...

Thanks Wendi- that is so nice of you to mention our daughter.

Also, I'm jealous you are having nice warm summer days (and worrying about a sunburn!) as we experienced -25 windchill just yesterday! Lucky you!! :)

Blackman Blog said...

So glad you have pics of John. I kept wanting to advise you to send a camera but couldn't figure out how he would take pics of himself for you! :)
God's kindness....even in the "little" things!