Monday, November 17, 2008

What an answer to prayer!

I have been scouring Craig's List for many weeks now, trying to find a new car seat for Isaac. The one he is in now only goes up to 22 pounds. So . . . time to find a new one as he is pushing 20. However, I soon realized that "toddler" car seats were used for a long time and therefore rarely sold second-hand. The ones that were sold second-hand looked like they had been through a war zone. (And I worry they smelled like that too.) From all we could figure, we were going to have to buy a new car seat for Isaac. And, Elijah would need one within six months as well meaning we were looking at a $400-$600 bill by the time we purchased two seats.

Then last night, I got this email from Joia who passed it along from her family member. Take a look at this deal. (Although, by the time you view this link, the deal may be gone.) This is for a Britax Marathon car seat (one of the best on the market). These are $300 seats, on sale for $43 with free shipping!!! FORTY-THREE DOLLARS!

Needless to say we ordered last night. And forget ordering one seat. We ordered two! You can't pass up on this deal. I am always so blessed when, with patience and prayer, God simply opens the doors and provides you with exactly what you need in his timing. Thanks to Joia and Denise (the mother of triplets!) for bringing this to our attention. Soooo exciting.

Now I just need to focus my prayers on finding a double jogger without a fixed wheel. If he can take care of a car seat, I'm confident this isn't out of his league by any means. :)

P.S. Actually I just checked. The seats are sold out this morning -- already!


Anonymous said...

When buying baby items such as cribs, playpens, car seats always go online and do a google search for recalls on the product. They will provide you with the year and the model/make serial# of the product that has been recalled. It's simple to do and there are a ton of people out there with recalled/faulty products they are just trying to unload for a price at your expense. A little homework will make you sleep a lot easier at night knowing that you have a product that you can be happy with. Also check out the consignment shops as they do that homework for you before they take any child product in. We've done a ton of shopping this way and it has paid off.

Jules said...

This is a fantastic car seat - we got one like this for Natalie and we LOVE IT!!!!

However, I thought I got a deal when I paid $269 for it! ha ha

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

wow...yay! :)

TAV said...

i like your money-saving tactics :)

Anonymous said...

This is the car seat we have used through 2 kids now and LOVE it! Our oldest was in it from 6 months until 2.5 years (when the baby needed it) and now the baby has been in it from 6-13months now. It is a much cheaper alternative to others on the market.