Friday, November 07, 2008

More six month celebrations

Here's a few more photos I took this morning of Isaac hanging out with me in the living room. Midway through taking photos, Scrubs decided to join us. The video is a bit long but has some great clips of Isaac laughing and the two of them hanging out together.


Aimee said...

Love his face, I think he'll be a comedian. Cheesy smiles already!
Happy 6 months birthday Isaac!

Anonymous said...

Great video of both of them! Poor Scrubby,he is being soooo good trying not to lick


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I think you have no concerns about Mr. Scrubs on being good with the babies. He's excellent!

I love to see that Isaac is really gaining his balance, great video.


Anonymous said...

Happy 6 months, Isaac.

What a good, happy, baby, he is!! Scrubs is Mr. Tolerant too.

Thanks for all of the videos, Wen.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous, happy little boy he is!!! You are so blessed!!