Monday, February 05, 2007

Incredibly true facts from an incredibly cold weekend

The cold weather this weekend revealed, to all of us, some incredibly true facts, presented now via photo-montage. Normally, I'd feel bad that some of these pictures were "stolen" from other blogs. However, since the blogs I have stolen from have been stealing from me (and somehow my "weather" announcement ended up on a TRAIL of other blogs) I feel justified. So here, are the random facts.

Fact #1:
When your friend's car breaks down a mile from your house and you are in a big hurry to pick them out without missing too much of the Super Bowl or your dessert, it is possible to get dressed very fast and still be warm. This is proved in the picture below.

If you missed it the first time, please look again. JB is wearing his dress jacket, shorts, and winter boots. Even Ebby is quite surprised.

Fact #2
It is possible, despite the freezing tempeartures, to produce some very good style. Tara models this fact in the picture below.

Fact #3
JB seriously hates any attempt to do the "twin" thing, even when it is completely an accident.

Fact #4
Despite the fact that people in Minnesota were freezing uncontrollably, there are some places in the US that are still green as indicated by this adorable picture below of my niece Grace. To see more soccer pictures than you ever thought possible, click here: SOCCER. To read the a hillarious story about where Grace thinks Pluto the planet has gone, click here: PLUTO.

Fact #5
When forced to stay inside, it is amazing all the entertainment that it will emerge. Through this entertainment, we all learned that DDR is a fun game. Here, Brandon helps Wendi conquer the game "Dance Dance Revolution" or DDR. Folks, this is really fun, and if I had it in my house, I'd play it -- even when I was all by myself!

Fact #6
Even Dave became a DDR "machine". It's true! The photo proves it!

Fact #7
If you throw boiling water in the air when it is really, really, really, really cold outside, it will actually sort of "blow up" and smoke and stuff. Seriously. If you want to see a video of the experiment, visit Kristen's blog at:

Fact #8
Bubbles, when blown when it is really, really, really, really cold out, will actually turn to ice, as you watch. Check out the frozen bubble. How sad is this?!
Fact #9
When very, very, very bored ... because it is very, very, very cold out, you can actually find things in Brandon's closet that are used for entertainment despite the fact that they cause pain. This game actually SHOCKS the person who has the slowest reaction time. I did not play it but the screams of grown men (and gutsy Tara) demonstrated it.

Fact #10
It is impossible to invite Erin over and not gain 10 pounds. Proven by her improving technique of "being the Cold Stone Creamery" store without spending $5 on a cone.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us last night. We really appreciate John coming out and picking us up and the use of your car.

I really want to play that "shock" game. That looks awsome!

Anonymous said...

on one hand you guys look like having A LOT of fun! on the othe other hand, the temprature you are mentioning and the freezing bubbles are so scarry! I love you guys but I don't think I will consider visiting you in winter!

Anonymous said...

I love your top 10 lists! I always want to write one, but I get to #4 or #5 and can't think of anything else to write about. :) That picture of Grace is SO CUTE! And I don't know how you get the little weather thing to change every day, but it's very useful. :)

Anonymous said...

I admit, I was among the trail of blog picture stealers- I stole it off Kristen's. I have now given you credit on the post! I can not believe this weather!!!
- Cassi

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Oh Cassi, you can steal ANYTHING you want ... and you CERTAINLY don't need to credit me. Kristen was actually the one who told me that it was so cold that everyone was stealing the temperature. I thought it was hilarious!!!!

Gabbs said...

Um, I thought body parts freeze off in this weather. Why is it that I see a bare hand holding a frozen bubble in really, really, really, really, really cold weather?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wendi! It is pretty amazing that it can get this freezing. I'm just surprised daily life goes on as usual for these MN people - it seems as though things should shut down when approaching negative 40 degrees!
- Cassi

yuan family said...

Thanks Wendi for having us over...we had a great time! I am glad that you are stealing makes me feel better when I steal yours! :)

Anonymous said...

okay i had such fun at 2 am when i couldn't sleep -looking at your pictures...and laughed seeing Dave play the DDR machine --tho i still feel guilty beating him in Mexican train --it made me so happy to see you guys having so much fun and determined to stay young at heart anyway!
Tante Jan