Thursday, November 09, 2006


Today I am thinking about not getting any cramps in my feet. Last night I woke up 4-5 times with cramps in my feet. I haven't had them for weeks. This has to be psychological. I want to stay relaxed. I don't want to jump around the room again.

I am also thinking about the Valium. On Monday, I asked Dr. H. if she would consider giving me more Valium. I'm 6'3" after all! No go. She said the dosage is standard. Bummer.

On the topic of thinking, I am thinking about my full bladder. Once I get to the hospital at 10:30, they don't want me to go to the bathroom again. In theory, this sounds easy. The problem is, I probably won't get in for my transfer until noon. Then, after my transfer, I am on bed rest for another hour again. (If I asked to go to the bathroom they point to a bedpan. No thank you.) That's two and a half hours for a girl who goes to the bathroom fairly frequently. Anyways, I am not sure how closely I am going to follow that rule. I don't want to be catheterized again, but you know, it wasn't that bad. At least they emptied my bladder after they filled it up. So I'll try to keep it semi-full, but I just can't torture myself if I want to stay relaxed.

I am also doing a lot of thinking about our sticky babies Nine of them are now frozen with their one other brother/sister. That is ten. However, three are waiting for today. Hopefully two look really good for transfer, and the third, called the "blastocyst" has also made it. Last time our blast didn't make it. This blast is being frozen at a "later date" than the other nine. This is thought to improve success rates and will be used "down the line" as an "ace up the sleeve."

Thinking about ... relaxation. As for being relaxed, I really am. I really feel great! Well my stomach still hurts, and I am still pretty stinkin' bloated, but I really do feel emotionally great, and I think the acupuncture before and after and tons of prayer will only help! I am thanking the Lord everyday for giving me the peace I needed to do this again.

Either JB or I will update the blog later on today.

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