Monday, November 13, 2006


I got a call from the embryo-lab today that our little blast didn't make it.

To recap, they froze nine of our embryos but left three out. They transfer the best looking two, and let the blast attempt to stay alive longer on its own. If it makes it, and they can freeze it later, this is a good thing. It often leads to higher pregnancy rates.

However, the blast died over the weekend just as it did last cycle. This was a little sad to me, but JB called me and encouraged me and reminded me that 12 is a great number, and if I am currently pregnant with twins (as we are assuming so until proven otherwise) than 10 remaining is PLENTY!

My mom sent me this, this morning. I wanted to include the first paragraph as it was really beautiful!

Happy is he . . . whose hope
is in the LORD his God.
Psalm 146:5

God of hope, thank You for the incredible happiness I feel when I trust You completely. The expectation of Your timely interventions to help me gives me stability and serenity. It makes me bold and courageous, fearless and free. You have shown me that authentic hope always is rooted in Your faithfulness in keeping Your promises. I hear Your assurance, "Be not afraid. I am with you." I place my hope in Your problem-solving power. Your conflict-resolving presence, and Your anxiety-dissolving peace.


Anonymous said...

Wen, I really like that prayer/quote from your Mom! True words like that just warm and encourage the heart. I am sorry about your blast, but I do agree with JB - Twins plus 10 is a great number! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the words from your mom. I needed to be reminded that God intervenes in his perfect timing. Love you! Sarah

Anonymous said...

loved what your mom wrote, so much...
i do grieve with you the loss of this little one...
tante Jan

Professor Suzanne said...

I'm really sorry about your embie that was lost over the weekend. I celebrate your twins and the ten, but I am very sorry about the one.


Professor Suzanne said...

BTW: It's Suzanne from HP.