Monday, November 20, 2006

Hands and Feet

Song of the Week: Okay, after missing last week due to, well, laziness, here's a new "Song of the Week" by Audio Adrenaline. Which, of course, you can listen to by clicking on the "Song of the Week" link on the right.


An image flashed across my tv screen

Another broken heart comes in to view

I saw the pain and I turned my back

Why cant I do the things I want to?

Im willing yet Im so afraid

You give me strength

When I say


I want to be your hands

I want to be your feet

I'll go where you send me

I'll go where you send me

And I try, yeah I try

To touch the world like

You touched my life

And I find my way

To be your hands

I've abandoned every selfish thought

I've surrendered every thing Ive got

You can have everything I am

And perfect everything

I'm not, I'm willing

I'm not afraid

You give me strength when I say

This is the lifetime I turned my back on you

From now on, Ill go so

Send me where you want me to

I finally have a mission

I promise I'll complete

I dont need excuses

When I am your hands and feet

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