Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's Saturday morning! Time for more fun!

What better to do at 7am on a Saturday morning then get my blood drawn and have an ultrasound. It's amazing to me that with a few of my IUI's I did this six days in a row. I'm at three and worn out. Of course, my body feels a lot different with IVF than it did with IUI's.

I'm also a little more nervous on the weekends. The woman who usually does the ultrasounds is not there on the weekends. She is really good at them, and this whole round has been a lot less painful than my last harvest when she was out of town. She is so fast and does this so many times per day. It's one thing to be uncomfortable or in pain for 15 minutes. If you get into the 30 minute range, you start to run out of relaxing beaches to sit on.

Yesterday, while she was doing my ultrasound, I was lying there, doing my best to focus on my relaxing imagery. It's fairly random when the whole experience hurts. My ovaries are so swollen that there is no telling when they will hit something that is tender. Suddenly, they hit something that was tender, and I jumped. She immediately asked me to picture a beach and without even thinking I quipped, "I was picturing a beach. You ruined the image!" We all got a laugh out of this. I'm glad she has my same sarcastic sense of humor.

Cole is hanging out with us this weekend. It's his parents fifteenth wedding anniversary. So last night, a bunch of us from our CMDA (Christian Medical and Dental Association) Bible Study went bowling, and Cole went with us. He is sleeping on the couch right now. He swore he'd be up at 6:00am. I knew better. Lovely Lesley has agreed to watch him while we go for our 7am appointment.

I thought about bringing Cole with and letting him sit in the waiting room, but as my HP (Hannah's Prayer) and HLH (Hearts like Hannah) sisters have told me many times, bringing children to infertility appointments is like bringing brownies to Weight Watchers. It's like DUH! I thought about bringing Cole and strapping a sign to him that reads: "They are just babysitting me!" but thought that might make him a little self-conscience. Either way, we opted to solicit Lesley's help.

Speaking of Les, I need to go call her. I'll update throughout the day. We should find out by late afternoon if we are going in on Monday or not.

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