Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Adulting is HARDDDDddddd

It’s been a HARD few days. 
  • A/C broken in car. 
  • Homeschooling is a LOT as kids get older.
  • Farm needs.
  • Friend needs.
  • School needs. 
  • Seat belt broken in car. 
  • Find out one kid is gonna need three dentist appts. coming up.
  • Dentist appts for kids and me.
  • Isaac in first play this weekend.
  • Normal ballet, co-op, karate, piano, voice, life ...
  • Still grieving stuff in Turkey.
  • Some personal family stuff to manage.
  • John gets VERY sick. Actually has to go to the ER as a patient instead of a doctor. Has to quarantine himself away from us.
And then I can’t find Abigail and she calls me and needs help and she’s running through the field blonde hair flying to spot a woodcock. She sees 4. And a bat. And she’s beaming.
And it's a good life.

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