Monday, February 27, 2023

Three sold out shows!

This is Isaac's college-age director, Gracie. She was OUTSTANDING. She truly encouraged and supported all the kids so incredibly well. I was blown away by her. 

Some of the kids went out to celebrate after the show. Here's a photo of some of them. 

A close-up of Isaac. I love this picture of him. 

Grama Joni came in for the show. We forgot to take a picture of just the two of them at the show so we took this one at home. Wearing makeup seems much weirder when he gets home. 

We had a lot of people that came out to support Isaac. Here is a photo with his youth leader, Mark and two of his youth/homeschool buddies: David (orange) and Lucas. Honestly, I don't want to list everyone who came because I know I'll miss someone, but we were so blessed. 

I was SO incredibly proud of Isaac for his performance this past weekend. He performed a ten-minute skit (part of a showcase of skits) on Tusculum's campus. Here is a news piece that discusses the show. 

I cannot believe they sold out all three shows! In fact, the last show (on Sunday afternoon which Ms. Leslie (piano/voice teacher) and Ms. Ruth Kross (long-time friend!) were able to attend saw people being turned away. How fun to sell out the theatre. 

At the end of the production, Isaac was invited to be a part of GLAWPIGT. This is a BIG deal and is a huge accomplishment for youth in our community. I believe Isaac's future will include music/singing/acting in some form or fashion. How cool!

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