Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Happiness in the storm

Today was a hard day. We thought John would have the day off. But when of his fellow docs got COVID, and he had to go in unexpectedly. He will now have to work five days in a row which is never easy on us.

We are really fighting COVID burnout. But in the meantime, we are trying to find happiness amid two fathers (Craig and John) being gone. 

The kids had a picnic on the steps outside the camper!

They got to watch "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" together in the camper!

I introduced Sidge to "I Love Lucy"

While middle and high schoolers have been attending co-op for a few weeks, on Monday, EVERYONE started their co-op season!

Lotsa fun riding in the back of the truck heading to Grama's house for some fun times!

Here's Abigail's "first day of co-op" picture including the pencil carrier she made in Ms. Anni's sewing class.

Zach had to bring in some flowers for his first day of co-op. John helped!

Hannah made these glasses in church class on Sunday with Zach.

The four kids are taking a weekend sewing class with Ms. Anni!

So fun what they are learning to do with Ms. Anni. 

Little Trin hanging out in the camper with the big girls.

Abigail and Hannah tried out for THE NUTCRACKER and they both got a part! Abigail will be a solider and Hannah will be a mouse. CBT is working with a ballet company in Chattanooga on this exciting event.

As September 11 is upon us, these four kiddos, both children of Air Force veterans, smiling for a photo at Yoders. 

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