Thursday, July 23, 2020

We Bought a Farm: A Swirling Vortex of Crazy

There are moments that I wish I could freeze. Just snap that shot and hold it there in the middle of time and never let it move forward. 

I am so thankful for videos and photography. We complain about technology and its negativity in our lives, but oh the fun to get to see my kiddos grow up again and again through video! Not only do I watch these videos over and over again, but my kids love to see themselves too. How I wish I had a video of my little strong-willed self floating around somewhere.

I have so few pictures of me growing up. And of course, there are no videos. I explained to Sidge and Abigail (who are pretty obsessed with photography) how "getting film developed" worked and they were nearly dumbfounded that you'd have to wait to see the picture you took.

How could that be?

Today, we can take a video like the one I have below to remember and look back on years from now. Our Sidge is loving building things. He's really been into bird feeders. He has pretty sensitive ears so he is nearly always wearing noise-canceling-headphones while he is building things, and I could just watch his intensity and be proud over and over again. He's eleven, and he's already built two tables himself!

My thanks goes farther. It stretches Grampa K (John's Dad) who is a master carpenter and not only instilled sbuilding lessons into John, but is still around to share his knowledge with Sidge as well.

You can't make a kid be passionate about something. But having someone around who is passionate and knowledgeable, really helps.

Sidge is not a fan of math. But last week I overheard him and Grampa dividing fractions in the garage to work on a building project, and Sidge was all over it. That is what math should be.

The thanks goes to my husband too. In his early 20's, he had the vision to buy this farm even though it would be a decade or more before he could do it. He had the wherewithal to decide go back to school to move into a career that would afford us the ability to buy this farm and let me stay home. 

Our world is a swirling vortex of insanity right now. But on these 96-acres, there is peace. It is its own vortex of crazy. But it's our vortex. And I love it.

It's my crazy. My crazy with the four greatest kids I can't believe I thought I would never have.

My life is heavy right now.

But it's beautiful,


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