Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Stitches #7

It was stitches again in the Kitsteiner household last night. Isaac has now been repaired two times. Sidge three times (including his mouth fiasco), and this is number two for Abigail. She was standing on a small garden wall during the fireworks last night and fell during the excitement. She was such a trooper, and we all joked that the blood in her hair was festive for the celebration! (And this is number eight if you count the stitches he performed on himself a few months back.)

Silly girl. I offered her ice cream for successfully completing the procedure. She just wanted a piece of gum!

I do, also, want to brag on my husband a bit. He has always been known for being able to do stitches on children that often times have to be restrained or even put under. He has managed to do some procedures on children with disabilities who don't understand and are not able to relax. He has a real gift in giving the power to the child and making them feel like they are still in control. Each of my kiddos has simply let him take over. We have not had to hold any of them down at all. So proud of Abigail and my hubby!

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