Monday, April 16, 2012

Nine Months Old!

Our little Abigail Grace is nine months old today. She seems to be the highest maintenance of our three kiddos. She requires constant attention and starts crying hard if things aren't going the way she had in mind. She is incredibly curious and loves to climb under things. She also laughs incredibly hard and is very opinionated. As she makes her desires known, we are constantly cracking up at how determiend she is. At nine months old, she:
  • Is saying "Ma Ma" especially when she gets upset.
  • Is saying "Da Da" and it appears to coorelate to JB, but we can't be sure.
  • Has three teeth (two on the bottom fully in) and one on the top still working its way in.
  • Is eating all kinds of table food.
  • Is igning "all done" consistently. Starting to see her sign "milk."
  • Is still eating a little bit of baby food but doesn't really like it.
  • Is pulling up! She just did it for the first time this morning. Here is a video of it. And check out the picture below:
  • Has major stranger anxiety. Really only wants Mom, Dad, or Hatice. Although can be semi-distracted with food and sit with a stranger.
  • Loves to be outside in her stroller.
  • Is taking two naps everyday and still sometimes a third.
  • Adores her brothers -- definitely knows and recognizes them.
  • Sleeps like a pro at night (from about 6:30p to 6:30a) every day.
  • Is wearing 12month or 12-18 month clothes.
  • Crawls all over but still in army-guy style.
  • Is moving to a seated position from crawling (just in the last week.)
  • Loves to take baths.
  • Especially likes: cheese sticks, fruit of all kinds, peas, crackers, apples slices.
  • Loves to crawl around and play with toys; but her favorite is still the little bouncy balls.
  • Enjoys being in her exersaucer when we are outside.
Here was Elijah at nine months old. The biggest differences? He was scaling furniture but picky about his food at all and also not as good with his hand movements.

And here is Isaac at nine months old. Due to the fact that I was just out of the hospital with a week old Elijah and still very sick, I didn't write down a lot of his milestones. But I do know he was standing very well.

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Anonymous said...

She sounds a bit likes Cara's LIa to me! you could compare notes! :) Tante