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Review: Progeny Press: The Bears on Hemlock Mountain E-Guide

Bears on Hemlock Mountain, The - E-Guide
My boys are now reading really well. So the next step is comprehension. Progeny Press produces a fantastic E-Guide for a variety of books for all grade levels. We had the opportunity to review the faith-based The Bears on Hemlock Mountain E-Guide for this review.

Progeny PressI have reviewed for Progeny Press before. You can read the review by clicking here. While we just got a copy of The Bears on Hemlock Mountain from our library, you can also purchase the book on the Progeny Press website for just $4.99 by clicking here.

You can check out Progeny Press on:
This particular 34-page Study Guide includes:
  • Table of Contents
  • Note to Instructor (discusses how to use the guide)
  • Synopsis
  • About the Author
  • Background Information
  • Before-you-read Activities
  • Chapters 1 & 2 questions
  • Chapters 3 & 4 questions
  • Chapters 5 & 6 questions
  • Chapters 7 - 10 questions
  • Mystery Words
  • After-you-read Activities
  • Suggestions for Further Reading
  • Answer Key
I printed out pages 10-27 and had my third grade sons work through the packet one day a week. They would read the required chapters and then answer the questions that went with the chapters. The picture above is of my two boys working through their packets. The picture below is a close up of one of their answers:

Here's what I loved about these packets:
  • The questions were "easy" enough that my boys could answer them without much intervention from me, however, they were challenging enough that they really had to think.
  • There were plenty of lines to answer, and the lines were wide enough that young children had room to write. I really want my kids working on penmanship while they are working through the questions.
  • Scripture was incorporated and Biblical values presented in a very thoughtful and introspective fashion. For example on Page 11, they were instructed to read two Bible verses and then answer a question about whether or not Jonathan's mother was following these commandments.
  • The guide isn't overwhelming. Honestly, sometimes these products have so many things included that I get overwhelmed and do not even know where to start. This one had just enough to spend a really appropriate amount of time on this book.
  • Vocabulary is really a primary focus. I really like that the kids are learning new words and what they really mean. For example on page 20 it says: "He stood still in the snow, feeling very cross with himself." They are encouraged to read the sentence within context and determine what it means. And the questions are challenging enough that they really need to think about it.
  • These study guides present a unit study on the classics -- books that have stood the test of time.
These guide is incredibly affordable ($11.99). And for that price, you totally get a unit worth of comprehension, reading, penmanship, and more. Please note that the guides are very different from level to level. So if you have children who are not the same age as my kiddos, please read more reviews by clicking this link box below:

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