Sunday, September 10, 2017

We Bought a Farm: What 18 people looks like :)

Living room slept four last night! (Six if you count the dogs).

Everyone keeps asking me: how are you hosting 18 people in your house right now? 

The answer is: very carefully.

I should also say that I had two different families offer to help me host people. But in truth, we really want to be able to spend time together. We really wanted to have this time to be together as a family.

We do have 18 people on the farm right now. 
  • Grampa and Grama are over at their house 
  • Two kids are spending the night at Grama's house.
  • Our two WWOOFers are sleeping in our garage apartment.
  • My brother Keith and baby Riddick are sleeping in the camper.
  • John is working nights.
  • Grampa and Grama are sleeping in the living room with two kids.
  • My sister-in-law and I slept in my big bed and had two kids on the floor in our room.
  • Our friend Jan is sleeping in a "fixed" section of boys bedroom upstairs.
  • Dogs are sleeping in living room with the grandparents and kiddos.

My bedroom -- the floor is totally covered with beds. But we are making it work.

Keep this in mind, when I tell you that my new friend from church, Cara, messaged me a few days ago and said she wanted to bring us dinner.  I said, "Cara, there are EIGHTEEN people here." She said: "I got this." And she did. She brought us a delicious enchilada dinner which fed 19 people as we had another volunteer here for dinner last night. THAT is one amazing woman!!


Cara Trantham said...

So thankful to help!! Thank you for letting me bless you 😍

Anonymous said...

I would love a recipe that feeds 20, like that for our family gatherings! What a precious friend --My daughter Cara's name means "friend" -so hers must too! :) What a lovely friend! Blessings! Good memories (and exhaustion!)

Anonymous said...

That was me Tante Jan who wants that recipe :)