Saturday, April 11, 2015

Our Papa Coach

My Dad works at a Christian school in Florida. So he used his Spring Break to spend it with us in Tennessee! He actually drove up to the farm, spent a few days with us there, and then made the drive to our house in Central Tennessee.  

What I love so much about my Dad is, all he wanted to do is play with my kiddos. They played at least a dozen games of HOTELS and tons of cards. (He taught them "Spoons" and they taught him "Kings in the Corner.") My little men absolutely love to play cards and games. 

He also did some reading with Abigail. She would bring her big Princess Encyclopedia-like book and give him lesson after lesson on who was who in the princess world. 

My Dad also told me the first day that he'd get Hannah to sit on his lap. It only took about 2 days, and she was hooked. She walked around calling him "Coach-ey." Too sweet.

So glad to be back in the USA where we can see my parents more often. South Florida to Tennessee still isn't close, but it sure beats Asia or Europe to the USA.

Bye Papa! See you in a few months!

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