Monday, April 20, 2015

2nd Triathlon ... Done!

I have been training for a May 9th triathlon for a few months now. At almost the last minute, I decided to sign up for a smaller triathlon taking place about 45 minutes from me on April 19th. I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice and see what I might need to improve or differently for the bigger race.

The weather was terrible so JB decided to stay home with the kiddos instead of bringing them as we had planned. Instead, my awesome mother-in-law joined me. It's always nice to have someone along with you and cheering for you. (Although these races always have volunteers making you feel like you don't stink.)

You can just make me out in this picture over this man's head. Not everyone starts the race at the same time in order to not clog the pool. So beginning at 8am, they started people in the pool, one at a time, every five seconds. I waited to start for almost 45 minutes! But at long last, I got in the pool. I actually felt really good on the swim. It was my favorite part of the tri for sure which is encouraging as originally, it was the one that made me the most nervous.

Next up, the swim. It was 12 laps in the pool. You'd swim one lap down, go under the line, and swim back the other way. This is me at the end trying to get back some lady doing the breast stroke. (Which I now see why this stroke is sort of rude in races -- it takes up way too much room to pass!)

After that, I ran in my bare feet to the bikes, got on my bike and took off. My bike was horrible. I realized during the 10 mile bike how BAD my bike was. I knew it wasn't good, but I thought it was suffice. It did not. I am going to look into getting another bike in time for my next race. I also almost got him by a car -- a lady ran a stop sign and didn't see me. Yikes! After the bike, I switched to the run. It is SO hard to start running after biking for 10 miles. Your legs are like lead. Add to that terrible weather, and I was just glad that I did the whole thing without stopping. 

Here I am with my medal. I definitely finished near the bottom of the pack, but I did finish 5 out of 10 in the Athena category which is for participants 165 pounds or more.

I had a blast even though, midway through, you start thinking, "What in the world I am doing this to myself for?" When you start so far back in the swim line, you also can't help but feel that you are losing when in fact, you started way after everyone else. So that requires some good mental discussion with yourself as well.

Despite the terrible rainy weather, it was a great day. I definitely hope I can keep doing these in the future. If you'd ever like to join me, let me know. Truly anyone can do one of these!!


Sherrie said...

YAYY! Congratulations! So cool to see you doing this. One day I swear I'm going to try to do one, but I'm sure half way through I'll be asking myself "why" as well :-)

Emily said...

Way to go, Coach K!