Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Book Review: The Berenstain Bears: God Made You Special

The Berenstain bears books were originally penned by Stan and Jan Berenstain. They are no longer living, but their son, Mike, has been keeping the tradition alive through a new series of Berenstain books. The "Living Lights" series are a relatively new series. The books go beyond discussions of just being a good person and actually share spiritual themes and faith.

God Made You Special is part of the "Living Lights" series. In this 8x8 softcover title, the Berenstains are joined at a cookout by the Bruins family whose cousin, Tommy, has special needs. I thought the book did an exceptional job discussing how people who are different are just as special as everyone else. When Sister asks about Tommy, Mama takes the opportunity to talk to sister about how God makes each of us unique in our own way. She explains that we all have special gifts and talents to share with the folks around us.

Mike Berenstain grew up watching his parents working together to write and draw these lovable bears. Eventually, he started drawing and writing about them too. I was totally not expecting, despite the title, to see this book so vividly discuss God being our creator. Bravo Mike for going a step further!

This is a great book for anyone but especially recommended to help explain special needs to children in a thoughtful and caring way!

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